the key messages that we relay to our customers are based on the latest published literature and professional treatment guidelines.

With a decennial experience in the promotion of original and generic products for major international companies, sales and marketing personnel of Makpharm has successfully launched a number products and currently manages the various stages of their life cycles, all in accordance to the highest ethical standards of the European pharmaceutical and regulatory authorities.

Marketing and medical affairs

Makpharm staff has a strong background in the fields of medicine and science and in-depth knowledge of biochemistry, pharmacology, medicine and clinical studies. Makpharm teams devise their own medical strategies, design their own educational material and organize promotional activities. We regularly keep up to date with the latest scientific developments and our field force has received thorough education in our therapeutic areas. The key messages that we relay toour customers are based on the latest published literature and the relevant professional treatment guidelines. Marketing and medical affairs has continuous support from our regulatory department and provides scientific expertise to our market access activities.

Sales and account management

Makpharm sales team and our associates interact with medical professionals on a daily basis. The skills we regularly apply include subtle sales tactics (assertive and consultant sales), building relations with a full range of personalities and assessing the clients’ potential and prescribing habits. We are fully competent to have highly professional discussions with our target accounts and we are particularlyproud of our excellent realtion with national and local key opinion leaders. On top of our daily sales activities, we have managed launch and satellite symposia, advisory boards, as well as disease awareness and outreach campaigns.

Transparency and ethical promotion of medicines

Disclosure of information on transfer of value to healthcare professionals and organizations

Makpharm ltd., as a member of Croatian national associations of producers of medications, has accepted the Code of Conduct published by the European association of producers of generic and biosimilar medications „Medicines for Europe“. We consider transparency and ethical promotions of medicines to be one of the cornerstones of trust between us and, healthcare professionals, professional organizations and general public.

The information on professional interactions between the company Makpharm ltd. and healthcare professionals, healthcare organizations or associations of healthcare professionals is publicly disclosed, in the interest of transparency, on our websites, starting June 30th 2020.

The information on transfer of value is disclosed according to the regulations on the protection of personal data, individually for healthcare professionals who have agreed to the disclosure and in aggregate for other healthcare professionals

Transfer of value for the year 2019.: