In Makpharm, we do not believe that any medical need should be considered minor or irrelevant. Patients may seek more effective or tolerable treatments, or the standard oral therapies can prove no longer suitable for the management of their disease. Complicated dosing regiments may impede proper adherence and lead to poorer outcomes. And the limited availability of proper therapies may lead to diminished quality of life.

We have undertaken this mission of bringing the missing forms of medications to markets where they can benefit the most patients and fulfill a variety of medical needs.

To our clients, we can offer the full range of our services in a number of countries throughout the Southeastern Europe. We hold marketing authorization for various products and have completed regulatory, distribution and marketing activities in both members and non-members of The European Union. Various local requirements, languages and writing systems present no barriers to our team of experienced professionals. Click the map on the right for exact countries we cover.

The Croatian capital of Zagreb, where our head offices are located, is well connected to major cities in the region and the rest of Europe.

We are currently exploring the expansion to other markets within Europe and beyond.

The international landscape of pharmaceutical producers is increasingly complex – the latest groundbreaking treatment and innovative formulations, as well as top quality generics can originate in any major or minor center in Europe or worldwide.

It is our honour to represent the medicines of European and international producers, all in compliance to the highest European ethical and quality standards. We also hope to expand our portfolio and our therapeutic areas with new medications, both original and generic. Our teams have the knowledge, the experience and skills to cooperate across international business environment.