Makpharm currently holds the marketing authorisation for a number of products which are registered and marketed throughout Southeastern Europe.

Our products cover several therapeutic areas and include original products, generics and the generics which have been the first product in the market. Below you may find the link to our product list and the description of therapeutic areas that our portfolio spans.

Our team has a strong background in biomedical sciences, as well as the capacity and ambition to expand our therapeutic areas with additional original and generic products.

can all result from impairments in the brain. We promote life-changing therapies for diseases such as epilepsy, narcolepsy and Parkinson’s disease.
but disabling diseases of leukemia and lymphoma, as well as changes in iron homeostasis.
often perceived as the diseases of the old age and professional sport, these ailments frequently occur at any age.
and we already promote medications beyond our major therapeutic areas. Feel free to revisit this site for news on our latest acquisitions.